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What is the Nutritional Analysis of your Kibble?

We understand your desire to provide the finest possible care for your dog. Petzyo's nutrition is personalized to your pet's individual needs so they can perform at their best. Below is the guaranteed analysis for our dry food: Chicken & Turkey with

Can my puppy eat your dry dog food?

Of course! We have two dry products that are suitable for puppies! They can start enjoying our Kibble that Counts range directly after weaning off their mothers milk.These are the options:Salmon and Ocean Fish with Green Lipped MusselsChicken and Tur

What is the size of your kibble?

Our Kangaroo, Sweet Potato and Superfood Extras kibble has a diameter of between 11-13mm. You can count on it being around 3-5mm thick. Mmm tasty!Meanwhile, both our Salmon and Ocean Fish with Green Lipped Mussels and our Chicken and Turkey with Supe

Why is there a difference between how much I should feed my dog and how often my bag needs to be replaced?

Terrific question! The short answer, we have thought of everything! We NEVER ever want you to run out of Petzyo. Afterall, our Petzyo plans are meant to make life easier. Not harder! For example:You've done the math and your 89g serving, twice a day

Does the Chicken Oil contain any protein?

Your doggo is family. We get it!So, when your fur baby has an allergy we understand you want to know it all. Need to know rather!The chicken oil used in our Kibble That Counts range does not contain any protein, it is filtered and purified prior to a

Can I get a sample of your kibble to try before committing to a plan?

You bet you can! We get it, some dogs are fussy eaters and some have super sensitive tummies. Much like us hoomans!We have a range of flavours for your doggo to sample so you can be sure they love it BEFORE you stock up!We can send you a sample (~100

How fresh is your kibble?

As fresh as you can get! Because we run a subscription model, we make our kibble based on the number of orders we receive. Fresh really is best!What does this mean? It means you'll get the freshest food for your dog! Not something that's packed with

How much should I feed my dog?

This is one of the most commonly asked question here at Petzyo!. Did you know that over 41% of dogs are considered overweight in Australia, likely due to a combination of overfeeding and not enough exercise!. The good news?. We have made it super sim

Is your food suitable for weight management?

Although we don't have a product designed for weight management per se, we do provide a feeding guide with each of our products. The guide is tailored to your dog, to maintain a healthy weight.  So if your dog needs to lose, gain or maintain their we

How many carbohydrates does your range contain?

PAW-some question. We love customers who care enough to ask!. At Petzyo, our Canine Nutritionist has carefully formulated both Kibble and Raw options for pet parents, with the health and nutrition at the forefront!  Our Raw Royalty range contains 2-5

What is the Omega 6:3 Ratio in Petzyo Kibble that Counts

Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for dogs, playing crucial roles in various physiological functions, including skin and coat health, immune function, and inflammation regulation. However, the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 f

Why do you use Meat Meal in your Kibble?

We use only the highest-quality meat meal in our kibble! There is actually a lot of misconceptions around the use of meat meal, and sadly that is because there are two distinct qualities - extremely poor (not for human consumption) and high quality (