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How many carbohydrates does your range contain?Updated 16 hours ago

PAW-some question. We love customers who care enough to ask!

At Petzyo, our Canine Nutritionist has carefully formulated both Kibble and Raw options for pet parents, with the health and nutrition at the forefront!  Our Raw Royalty range contains 2-5% Carbohydrates while our Kibble range contains between 40-50%, which is on the lower end in comparison to other kibble on the market!

Carbohydrates play a vital role in supporting dogs' overall health, serving as a primary energy source essential for their active lifestyles. Carbohydrates contribute not only to energy metabolism but also to brain function, digestive health, and weight management. Complex carbohydrates, such as the ones we include in our kibble, are rich in fibre, promote regular bowel movements and the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Furthermore, carbohydrates offer a diverse array of essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, fostering a balanced and nutritious diet for dogs.

We choose to stay away from typical grains, such as corn, wheat and soybeans as they have been shown to be highly inflammatory, are usually low quality (commonly sprayed with pesticides and risk of mycotoxins) are difficult to digest due to the nature of a dog's digestive system, and due to being simple carbohydrates can contribute to blood glucose spikes, obesity and other health issues.

If you are looking for an option that is lower in carbohydrates, our Raw Royalty range is a perfect option for you!

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