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Why is there a difference between how much I should feed my dog and how often my bag needs to be replaced?Updated a year ago

Terrific question!

The short answer, we have thought of everything!

We NEVER ever want you to run out of Petzyo. Afterall, our Petzyo plans are meant to make life easier. Not harder!

For example:

You've done the math and your 89g serving, twice a day (as per our feeding guide) means over 40 days you will have been through 7120g of food yes?

You may be asking, "Why then is my plan set to renew, given its an 8kg bag every 40 days, what about the other 880g"?

It's an inbuilt buffer!

Our calculations allow about 10% as a safety net, to ensure you never run completely out of food. We do that automatically so you don't have to worry.

And we've done so to allow for things like delivery delays! Rare, but they can happen and catch us all out. 

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