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Does the Chicken Oil contain any protein?Updated 5 months ago

Chicken protein is one of the highest causes of allergies in dogs and is typically a response to specific proteins found in the muscle meat of the chicken. 

On the other hand, chicken oil is primarily composed of fat, not protein, meaning your doggo is very unlikely to have the same allergy towards. At Petzyo, we only use the highest quality ingredients, including purified and filtrated chicken oil, which reduces the chance of chicken protein being found in the product.  

That said, it may contain traces
If your dog does have an allergy to chicken, our canine nutritionist believes it is perfectly safe to consume filtered chicken oil, and unlikely to trigger a reaction. 

So why do we include Chicken Oil in our Kangaroo and Sweet Potato Kibble - for the health benefits of course!

- Source of Essential Fatty Acids: Chicken oil is rich in essential fatty acids, such as omega-6 and omega-3. These fatty acids play a crucial role in maintaining a dog's skin and coat health. They contribute to a shiny coat, reduce inflammation, and support overall skin integrity.

  1. - Caloric Density: Chicken oil is calorie-dense, providing a delicious concentrated source of energy. This can be beneficial for active dogs, working dogs, or those with higher energy requirements. It helps meet their energy needs without increasing the volume of food they consume.

  2. - Supports Joint Health: The fatty acids in chicken oil, particularly omega-3s, have anti-inflammatory properties that may contribute to joint health. This can be beneficial for dogs, especially as they age or for breeds prone to joint issues.

As always, please consult your vet for specific medical advice pertaining to your dog. 

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