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How It Works

How do I place an order?

It really couldn't be any easier. To get started, visit, click GET YOUR DOGGO STARTED or head here to view our range of raw and dry products. From there, filter by lifestyle or simply choose your desired productNext, it's t

What if I don't want a plan?

You have complete flexibility and control over your Petzyo Plan at all times! There are no lock-in periods with any of our plans. You can cancel, change the delivery date, delivery frequency, swap product, edit quantity, etc at any stage to suit you

How do you guarantee the lowest prices with Add To Box™?

We use deferred fulfilment, a unique distribution mechanism that allows us to sell our marketplace of products at lower prices. By fulfilling Add To Box™ marketplace items at the time of your next food order, you save on shipping, handling and packag

What is the meal plan billing cycle?

We tailor every part of your Petzyo plan, including the billing cycle. That is, your plan is bespoke to you. We automatically calculate the number of days in a cycle based on your dog's consumption levels. To find out what your billing cycle will be,

How much are your food plans?

Food plans vary depending on the size and type of each product. They all come with free delivery to most Metro Cities. Kibble that Counts: - Kangaroo, Sweet Potato and Superfood Extras: 4kg ($39), 8kg ($65), 12kg ($96), and 16kg ($124) - Chicken, Tur