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What if I don't want a plan?Updated 8 months ago

You have complete flexibility and control over your Petzyo Plan at all times! There are no lock-in periods with any of our plans. You can cancel, change the delivery date, delivery frequency, swap product, edit quantity, etc at any stage to suit you are your fur babies needs. 

If you are on a Petzyo Plan, we will continue to charge your bank card and deliver your dog's goodies at your desired frequency until you modify, pause or cancel your plan. 

To be clear. When choosing Petzyo you have not one but two options.  BUY ONE-TIME or PLAN options.

Naturally, if you opt for buy one-time then decide you love Petzyo you can always setup a plan on site or with the assistance of our customer service team. Simply email [email protected] if you need a paw.

Either way, we are stoked you are part of our pack! 

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