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How much are your food plans?Updated 8 months ago

Petzyo plans vary depending on the size and type of each product.  They are marginally cheaper than our buy one-time options too. 

To see what product is right for you, and at what price point see below

Kibble that Counts:

  1. Kangaroo, Sweet Potato and Superfood Extras
  2. Chicken, Turkey & Superfood Extras
  3. Salmon, Oceanfish & Green Lipped Mussels

Raw Royalty:

  1. 5.4kg Box (24 x 225gram patties)
  2. 10.8kg Box: (48 x 225gram patties)

Any Combination of Chick Magnet, Got Beef or Roo's Clues 

Breeders or those wishing to buy in bulk should reach out for a custom arrangement. 

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