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Raw (BARF)

Can I get a sample of your raw food to try?

Unfortunately, we can't send samples of our Raw Royalty patties for logistical reasons, but we do have a 100% taste satisfaction guarantee, because we are that confident even the fussiest of pups will enjoy their new diet once transitioned!. If for w

Are the meats in the raw patties human grade?

Our 'Chick Magnet' and 'Got Beef' patties contain 100% human grade meats and animal parts. All the other non-meat ingredients contained in our raw patties are human grade too. Our 'Roo's Clues' patties are not classified as human grade, because we us

How do the raw orders stay fresh through the delivery process?

Rest assured, your raw patties will arrive just as fresh (and cold) as when they were made at our human grade facility! We use third-party cold couriers to deliver your doggo's meals. Their refrigerated and temperature controlled trucks ensure they s

How much do your raw patties weigh?

Our raw patties weigh 225 grams each. The 5.4kg box contains 12 patties and the 10.8kg box contains 24 patties. They're paw-fect for storing and easy to defrost and portion!

What is the Nutritional Analysis of your Raw Patties

Typical Analysis: Roo's Clues:  Protein 15.5%, Fat 5%, Total Dietary Fibre 1.4%, Ash 4.1%, Moisture 73.5%Metabolisable Energy (ME): kcal/100g = 99, kcal/patty (225g) = 223 Chick Magnet: Protein 12.5%, Fat 9%, Total Dietary Fibre 1.3%, Ash 2.3%, M

What are the dimensions of the Raw Royalty Box?

The 5.4kg Raw Royalty comes in 2 x 2.7kg boxes, while the 10.8kg box comes in 4 x 2.7kg boxes. The dimensions of the 2.7kg box are 28cm x 13cm x 11cm. Being rectangle makes them easy to store!

Does your Raw Food contain offal?

Our Raw Royalty range does contain internal organs such as heart, bone & cartilage, liver, and kidney.    You can review all of the ingredients of our Raw Royalty food range through this link.

Does any part of your raw product/s come from a knackery?

Absolutely not, no!  We have never, nor will we ever, engage a knackery. Ever.  Hand on heart we can guarantee that our raw product is 100% natural. It is of the highest quality. Human grade even.    We wish to reassure our customers that the recen

Is your food low in purine?

Although we don't have a specific flavour formulated as a low-purine diet, our Chick Magnet Raw Royalty flavour may suit your doggo as it contains low-moderate levels of purine through the offal. It also doesn't contain any high-purine ingredients su