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Are the meats in the raw patties human grade?Updated a year ago

Our 'Chick Magnet' and 'Got Beef' patties contain 100% human grade meats and animal parts. All the other non-meat ingredients contained in our raw patties are human grade too.

Our 'Roo's Clues' patties are not classified as human grade, because we use wild kangaroo from the outback. Did you know that there are approximately 40 million kangaroos in this great land down under? What’s more, often when kangaroos are culled, their meat is discarded and only their hide is sold to the highest bidder. We chose this excellent protein as it’s hormone free, sustainable, and rich in iron and protein. Also, since kangaroo is natural to the Australian landscape, it doesn’t damage precious flora.

We're proud to say that all the meats contained in our raw products are preservative free and 100% natural too. 

 Please note: our patties are designed for dogs only and are not for human consumption (no matter how delicious they look).

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