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What do you do to give back?Updated 10 months ago

For every order, we plant one tree!

You read that right!

At Petzyo, we care about the planet. After all, there is no Planet B.

And we are all responsible for doing what we can to look after this beautiful thing called Earth.

We took it upon ourselves therefore to research all our options, and ultimately, partner with Eden Reforestation Projects.

What it all means? For every single order, we plant a tree. An actual tree. It's not a donation to some unknown entity. Over time, what started as a sapling will flourish, as will your doggos if enjoying Petzyo!

Now you might be wondering how it all works so let us break it down.

  • Order confirmed.
  • Monthly reports indicate total orders
  • We share said report with Eden, cover the costs and voila, they plant trees in our name in areas where trees are needed most.

It's win win. Your dog gets to enjoy Australia's best food and the planet gains a tree. Or 10!

Did I mention dog's love trees? Win-win - WIN!

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