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How we help communities and organisationsUpdated 10 months ago

At Petzyo we believe in doing all we can, for everyone. Not just your furry friends!

It isn't always easy as a business to find the right balance between giving, and making a profit but at Petzyo we think we have found the sweet spot!

You see, it's a combination of all things. It's thinking outside of the box and listening to our followers, our community and ultimately, leaning in to assist where we can.

To date, Petzyo has helped Community sports teams, groups, small businesses, shelters and rescue facilities to name a few.

We have donated hundreds of kilograms of food to those in need across VIC and QLD.

We have also ensured that local groups have access to our samples packs for their showbags which they in turn use to raise much needed funds.

We ensure that we partner with other Australian businesses, that align with our values to support them in their own endeavours to be their best.

We run campaigns, throughout the year that encourage our customers, new and old, to get involved and give back. In doing so, we have donated some serious coin to charities and shelters in need.

We have discounted bulk orders when OUR customers have opted to donate food to groups THEY support. How amazing are our customers? The best!

We work with students from Universities across Australia to give them unparalleled insight into business and operations to prepare assessment pieces.

We provide internship opportunities for young, passionate individuals who ultimately, are valuable additions to our team.

Finally, we listen. We receive and consider all requests for help from anyone in need. Especially when doggos are concerned.

Why? Because it's the hooman thing to do of course!

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