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How safe is your food?Updated 19 hours ago

At Petzyo, we believe your doggo deserves the very best, which means we take all the necessary precautions to ensure your dog is receiving the best quality food that is very safe to feed! 

We meticulously design and test both our raw and dry pet food products to ensure they meet stringent nutritional standards and adhere to rigorous hygiene and food safety protocols throughout our manufacturing processes.

Our facilities are fully HACCP accredited, guaranteeing that every step—from ingredient sourcing to packaging—is conducted under strict guidelines to maintain product integrity.

Our raw food consists of human-grade ingredients, vacuum-sealed, and prepared in a refrigerated environment before being immediately frozen post-packaging. All recipes are formulated to surpass AAFCO, FEDIAF and PFIAA standards, with careful attention to maintaining safe levels of essential nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. To ensure compliance, we conduct independent testing of our products at accredited labs, verifying claims such as protein, fat, and amino acids against Australian Standard 5812.

For our dry food, production occurs at a SQF audited facility, while our raw food is manufactured in a facility that maintains stringent working temperatures. We take pride in our commitment to the health and safety of pets, and we remain dedicated to providing transparency and quality assurance throughout our manufacturing and testing processes. 

Rest assured, we never compromise on the quality or safety of our products. 

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