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Are your products Australian?Updated 18 hours ago

Petzyo is incredibly proud to be 100% Australian Made and Owned, using sustainable ingredients sourced from local suppliers, based right here in our Australian backyard! 

As an Australian-owned company, we prioritize supporting local farmers, as well as sourcing the highest quality 
ingredients that are sustainable. All our protein (Chicken, Beef, Kangaroo and Fish) are sourced from local farmers, ensuring only the highest quality meats are in your doggo's bowl. 

We never compromise on quality by seeking cheaper or inferior ingredients overseas or manufacturing abroad!

While the majority—90-93%—of our ingredients are locally sourced, certain essential components, like Ascophyllum nodosum, cannot be sourced in Australia due to climate constraints. In these cases, we responsibly procure these ingredients from reputable and sustainable international farmers. This commitment to transparency ensures that every formulation adheres to the highest standards of quality and sustainability, guaranteeing that your dog receives nothing but the best. 

In addition to sourcing local ingredients, we proudly manufacture all our products locally. This commitment not only ensures the quality and integrity of our offerings but also contributes to supporting the Australian workforce by providing jobs. We prioritize keeping production within Australia as part of our dedication to fostering local economic growth and sustainability.

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